SB Home '2001
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Here is the progress we made on the house in 2001.

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Mary Lou and John's "play" house. I wonder if Barbie and Ken had a straw house?
Slide 2

The pouring of the slab - panic sets in!
Slide 3

The pour is done and we find out the truck driver really isn't all that skilled. More panic sets in!
Slide 4

The pour is being finished - yet more panic! (it pissed rain around 1am - ugh!)
Slide 5

Our maple tree is being raised - about 3 years after it was sawed down.
Slide 6

The tree as seen downstairs - it will form the newel post of the stairs.
Slide 7

The tree as seen upstairs - it will be at the end of the hallway. Our garage (a.k.a. "coach house") is seen in the background.
Slide 8

Home sweet home!

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